What is a Sarine Light Report?

Mission: Advancing the Diamond Industry through Technology

The Sarin Light Report is developed by Sarine Technologies, a global company listed on the Singapore Exchange. Chosen by Sarine to be one of its partners, this collaboration between Fonder Diamond and Sarine seeks to bring about greater efficiency and confidence in the way consumers select diamonds with outstanding Light Performance.

About Sarine Technologies

Sarine Technologies is the world's leading developer of technologies for the diamond industry. Founded by a group of passionate gemologists and technological innovators to establish the world?s first diamond technology company some thirty years ago, Sarine has since revolutionized the way that diamonds are planned, manufactured, graded, and sold.

For over a generation, Sarine has developed and supplied breakthrough technologies covering the entire diamond pipeline. Sarine products are known and loved worldwide, used in leading diamond manufacturing plants, wholesalers offices, all main gem labs, and jewelry retail stores.

Benefits of a Sarine Light Report

A Sarine Light Report is an accurate and high-tech grading system based on actual measured Light Performance parameters (Brilliance, Sparkle, Fire and Symmetry).

Instead of using entry-level tools like ASET and IDEAL scopes where much understanding and interpretation of the scope images are needed, the Sarine Light Report uses advanced instruments and proprietary digital imaging analysis to measure and present the grading results to you in an easy-to-understand and systematic digital format.

The Sarine Light is a scientific-based standard and a direct measurement that takes all diamond characteristics into account. It is accurate and repeatable grading since the environment can be controlled. This means when you compare numerous diamonds, the results are consistent and nothing is left to subjective and ambiguous interpretation of results by layman.