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Super Ideal Cut Diamond From FonderDiamond®

Why Can FonderDiamond sell Super Ideal Cut Diamond without extra charges?

Here at FonderDiamond we source all our diamonds directly from Diamond Cutting Factories, there are over 20 factories behind the Fonder Diamond Inventory of diamonds, many of them are considered to be large factory worldwide.

Among the 100,000+ diamond inventory, some diamonds are Super Ideal Cut Diamonds, our diamond expert can identify them with the help of our advance scientific system.

Since the factorys set diamond price mostly based on GIA grading result, without consideration for Super Ideal Cut score, we can get those good diamonds yet without extra charges.

What is super ideal cut diamond?

Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes, but the most desired cut is referred to as “Super Ideal”.

A Super Ideal Cut diamond is a perfect stone with an optimal balance of sparkle and fire. In addition to being as close to perfection as a diamond can get, Super Ideal Cut diamonds are also the most expensive.

Our team use advanced scientific systems to fully understand the actual quality of a diamond’s cut. Diamonds are graded based on the percentages of the diamond’s various features.

ASET image
ASET image – Super Ideal Diamond
ASET image
Hearts image - Super Ideal Diamond
ASET image
ASET image – GIA Triple EX Diamond
ASET image
Hearts image - GIA Triple EX Diamond

More and more consumers are adopting the position that cut quality is the one area of diamond quality that should NOT be compromised.

For those consumers immaculate cut quality holds real value. It speaks not only to the fact that the diamond will deliver maximum performance under the widest range of lighting conditions; it also crosses over into the realm of fine art. A super ideal diamond is like a tiny sculpture of light in which each facet is precisely aligned and polished, and is working in perfect dynamic harmony with every other facet.

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