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Light Performance

How to evaluate the beauty of a diamond?

A Diamond's Light Performance grades a diamond's beauty based on four aspects: Brilliance, Sparkle, Fire and Symmetry.


Also called Light Return is the amount of white light that is returned to the table of the diamond. When a diamond has outstanding Brilliance qualities, powerful white light is emanated from the diamond, thus making it look brighter than its actual colour grade.


Also known as Light Dispersion. It is the dispersion of white light into rainbow colours as the light bends through the diamond. The beauty of a diamond with Excellent Fire, is magical and mesmerizing to behold.


Refers to the flashes of white and coloured light that are visible as the diamond moves. A diamond with high Sparkle index will appear more alive with its dazzling display of white light and coloured flashes.

Light Symmetry

Is the measure of the distribution of light throughout the diamond determined by cuts and inclusions. A well-cut diamond features optimal proportions for equal light distribution.

The following chart is an example of the Light Performance report for a diamond

A Real Example Of A Diamond's Light Performance Report

GIA Triple Excellent Cut

Traditionally, GIA Triple Excellent Cut (3EX) is considered the highest cut grade for diamonds, but with diamond cutting technology constantly evolving, at present more than 80% (by statistics) of diamonds that are graded by GIA are all 3EX. The truth is that not all GIA certified 3EX diamonds are beautiful and in fact there is a big difference as compared to a Super Ideal Cut diamond.

Super Ideal Cut

Super Ideal Cut Diamonds are cut to extremely high precision and optimal angles that give superior light performance - resulting in dazzling flashes and vivid rainbow colours.

Normal Diamond

GIA Triple Excellent

Super Ideal Cut

Top 1% Most beautiful

Around 10% of all 3EX GIA diamonds are graded as Super Ideal Cut diamonds by Fonder Diamond, and only less than 5% most beautiful Super Ideal Cut diamonds are hand picked in our showroom.

Sarine Light Report

Sarine Light Report is a lab test approach to grade a diamond's light performance, It's one of the most accurate ways to evaluate and confirm the diamond's beauty. All diamonds in our showroom are tested in Sarine Lab and come with 2 certificates: GIA and Sarine Light Report.

ASET image ASET image

Who is Sarine Technology? Sarine is not a new name in the diamond industry. In fact, it's the dominant leader with over 70% market share in diamond technology. Sarine is a list company in Singapore Stock Exchange with its headquarter in Israel.

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Fonder Light Performance Score

Fonder developed a sophisticated score system based on Machine Learning and our vast diamond inventory to evaluate a diamond's potential light performance.

Our system calculates a score for every diamond in our inventory, providing great convenience for our customers to find a good light performance diamond from our vast inventory.

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Double Certificate

All Our Hand-Picked Diamonds Have Both GIA & Sarine Reports Available

GIA Report

Sarine Light Report

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