What is Fonder Light Performance score?

Fonder Light Performance grades a diamond's light performance based on 4 parameters: Brilliance, Sparkle, Fire and Symmetry.

  • BRILLIANCE is also called Light Return the amount of white light that is returned to the table of the diamond.

    When a diamond has outstanding Brilliance qualities, powerful white light is emanated from the diamond, thus making it look brighter than its actual colour grade.

  • FIRE is also known as Light Dispersion. It is the dispersion of white light into rainbow colours as the light bends through the diamond.

    The beauty of a diamond with Excellent Fire, is magical and mesmerizing to behold.

  • SPARKLE refers to the flashes of white and coloured light that are visible as the diamond moves.

    A diamond with high Sparkle index will appear more alive with its dazzling display of white light and coloured flashes.

  • LIGHT SYMMETRY is the measure of the distribution of light throughout the diamond determined by cuts and inclusions.

    A well-cut diamond features optimal proportions for equal light distribution.

Derived from a diamond's cut proportions and data from Fonder Diamond's vast diamond inventory, Fonder Light Performance allows you to differentiate between sparkly and dull diamonds. Look out for diamonds marked with and .

Conduct an actual light test on the diamond you have selected - Ask for a Sarin Light Report