ASET Scope vs Sarine Light Report

While the ASET and IDEAL scopes (below right) allow you to quickly determine the light performance of a diamond, you need to first learn how to interpret what you are seeing which can be a daunting task. Additionally, it is easy to use these images to reject a diamond, but it is much more difficult use them for the purpose of selection. One of the reasons is because the lighting environment and camera setup can have a huge affect on the validity of scope images.

The Sarine Light (below left) on the other hand, is fully automated in a controlled environment with results that are repeatable, so it lets you compare two diamonds without any human error. The Sarine Light also has a single overall light performance grade so you will be able to tell quickly where a diamond is a top performer..

ASET image
The Sarine Light delivers high precision and consistent light performance grading every single time.
ASET image
Simple entry-level ASET & IDEAL scopes requires you to interpret the images which can be a daunting task

Sarin Light vs GIA Lab Reports

GIA lab certificate, while essential, is not sufficient for making a fully informed purchasing decision. The certificate is based strictly on the cut, polish and symmetry, without any consideration being taken as to the light performance of the diamond. It then becomes very difficult for the average consumer to determine how good a diamond is when purchasing a diamond. Sarine Light performance grade is meant to be additional information to supplement a GIA lab report.