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Chapter 4 -

A diamond's table is the flat surface at its top - the facet that one would look down at the diamond from when it is set in a ring. It is also the largest facet, regardless of the diamond's shape. An important factor in the overall cut quality of a diamond, it can have a significant effect on how much brilliance is exhibited.

With the right ratio between the diameter of the table and the diameter of the diamond, as you look down at the top of the diamond, it will produce the most sparkle. Fonder Diamond only carries diamonds with table percentages that fall within this range, 53-70%.

A diamond's table refracts light rays as they enter the diamond. Light reflecting back from the pavilion (the lower half of the diamond) also reaches the eye via the table. A table's size will affect the amount of light that passes through the diamond, but this does not mean that a larger table always results in more sparkle. The proportions of the diamond, as a whole, need to work together so that light reflects and refracts beautifully to create fire and brilliance.

Table percentage is calculated by dividing the measurement of the table (in millimeters) by the size of the girdle's diameter. The number is then rounded to a whole number in a percentage. For diamonds other than round brilliant shapes, the table's width is divided by the width at the widest part of the diamond. The table percentage and depth percentage are both integral to the overall quality and value of a diamond.