Impeccable Craftsmanship - Sophisticated Designs

FONDER DIAMOND is proud to only offer exquisite diamond Jewellery. We hand select the most beautiful diamond in the world, and set them with impeccable craftsmanship in sophisticated designs.

Our Purpose

Good Price - Wedding Ring

FONDER DIAMOND strives to be adaptive to the digital and mobile era, and as a modern jeweller create a more efficient way to run this ancient business with a mission to offer our clients a far better price for the same quality diamonds and inspiring designs besides an enjoyable shopping experience.

Our Brand name

Fonder Diamond comes from an inspirational motto:

"Live A Fonder Life"

Found within the passion behind every new engagement couple for our rings. We are unendingly amazed at the wisdom encoded in the meaning of the word FOND: A Passion, belief or affection Without Reasoning. To learn more about Live a Fonder Life, click here.


Over 20 Years Experience - Perfectionists

The team behind "FONDER DIAMOND" is a group of experts from different industries with over 20 years experience on average such as jewellery designing, craftsman, diamond suppliers and even IT technology.