The Fonder Diamond Promise


In order to make Fonder Diamond a

Favourite Brand

among engagement couples

We offer a far better price to allow as many people as possible to experience our unique brand and ignite a movement of 'Live A Fonder Life'

A Lifetime Blessing A Daily Inspiration

Modern Jeweller

Our Business Model

adaptive to the digital and mobile era
Lower Operational Costs

By heavily adopting internet methods for operation and marketing we operate at a higher efficiency than traditional jewellers.

Specialist Showrooms

We operate showrooms on-site instead of store fronts in shopping malls allowing us to save costs unlike traditional jewellers. we pass these savings onto you.

Streamlined Procurement Chain

By streamlining the procurement chain we work with producers as directly as possible. Eliminating as many intermediate businesses as possible to lower our purchase cost.


Direct Savings

We offer our customers the best value for high-quality diamonds. We work with international diamond suppliers directly and limit our profit margins ensuring that we provide you with guaranteed best value on diamonds saving up to 60% when compared with traditional jewellers.

Up To
Direct From International Diamond Suppliers

Quality & Price

We Always Put Impeccable Craftsmanship First

Quality is our first priority when saving costs for our customers. Our diamonds come GIA graded from the worlds top 1% of diamonds. We only work with the best craftsmen adhering to the highest standards to ensure impeccable jewellery.

Certified Diamonds
Worlds Top Diamonds