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Chapter 1 -

When a diamond has been shaped and cut, it is polished to reveal a smooth finish. Every facet is polished on a wheel, allowing the diamond's unique qualities to shine through. During this polishing process, subtle defects may occur on the diamond's surface as a result of crystals dragging across a facet. A gemologist assesses these defects, and a polish grade is added to its grading report.

The polish grade refers to the quality of craftsmanship of the diamond, specifically the smoothness of the facets (wheel marks, like the one seen in this photo, should be polished smooth) and the crispness of the edges. FonderDiamond carries only diamonds that have polish graded "Good," "Very Good," or "Excellent."

Polish is important to the overall quality of a diamond because, depending on the severity of these blemishes, the light traveling through and from the diamond may be misdirected. These disruptions can have an effect on the diamond's brilliance, however subtly.

Since polish has a very subtle effect on the overall quality of a diamond, we do not recommend that you choose a diamond solely on the basis of its polish grade. Instead all characteristics of the diamond should be taken into consideration together. If one is looking to maximize sparkle on one's budget then focus on higher grades of cut, symmetry and polish together.

The GIA grades diamond polish on a scale from Excellent to Poor. Excellent, Very Good and Good polish grades indicate that the defects are difficult to see, even under 10x magnification. We does not offer diamond with Fair and Poor polish grades, making it easier for you to choose a superior diamond.

The AGSL grades diamond polish on a scale from Ideal to Poor. Their Ideal grade is considered to be slightly superior to the GIA's Excellent grade, with their Excellent and Very Good grades overlapping. Out inventory can be used to sort diamonds into groups by the GIA and AGSL equivalent polish grades. This allows our customers to conveniently shop for diamonds graded by the two premier diamond grading labs.